SEO Paradigm Shift – The New Normal

There have been a multitude of changes in the way Google analyses websites in the past year. The major aspect is that Google now applies a range of aggressive penalties against any websites that it considers are in breach of its Webmaster Guidelines.

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Sitemaps - XML & HTML

Sitemap Tools

Google Sitemaps for SEO are VERY important to content indexing in the overall scheme of things. Ok, if you’ve got a good text-based CSS menu system and the links to and between pages are easily followed, you’re in better shape than some. However, on a larger site, especially without a 100% inclusive menu structure, and […]

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How to Improve Website Loading Speed

How to improve website loading speed became a very important topic when Google began baking this into their core ranking algorithm. They say “The web should be fast.” When Google speaks, it is important to listen – if you wish to prosper online. Although improving page load speeds can result in better rankings, the other […]

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Off-Site SEO: A Natural Link Profile is Crucial

Off-site SEO is about managing your website’s profile across the internet by managing links TO your website from external resources. Anchor Text in back links can be severely penalised if it’s not matched with Brand / Business Name. There was a time that in competitive niche markets it was difficult to rank for a keyword […]

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Recovery from Panda & Penguin

A Real-World Example This relates to an Australia-business based in Tasmania, producing flexible insect screens from premium-grade materials and delivering them world-wide. They’ve been plagiarised and targeted by copycat competitors, but have always enjoyed good rankings and resoundingly good client testimonials due to exemplary products and services. The past year has been a roller coaster […]

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Website Design & SEO

Website design and search engine optimisation are separate disciplines, but few businesses survive without good Google rankings. Our core business is SEO, and we are one of very few web designers with a comprehensive understanding of the issues, elements and best practices in website design and SEO. In tertiary educational institutions, website design is usually […]

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Search Engine Friendly URLs

Search-Engine-Friendly URLs can make a significant difference to a website’s positioning in the SERPs. This is not achieved by a plugin. In fact, its a core WordPress mechanism for controlling the URL’s on every page. By default, the URL’s are garbage: e.g. What you want is an explicit, keyword-rich URL! A search engine friendly […]

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