Business Websites

Design of a website for local search, global marketing or business to business products and services needs more than pretty graphics! Website SEO, Social Media optimisation & integration and Mobile web design access are key ingredients in success business website design success..

Business Website SEO

Business website SEO strategies should be designed to fulfill both “Business to Customer” and “Business to Business” promotion and marketing goals. As a start-point, a Website Audit provides a benchmark against which to judge future progress, as well as identify problems, options and remedial costs.

Social Media Optimisation

SMO can potentially lead to increased visitor traffic to your website, as people encourage their network of business contacts to view relevant content. On the basis that if your content appeals to one person, its probably that others in the circle of business acquaintances are likely to be interested… That amounts to reaching out to qualified / targeted audience. 

In addition, this also contributes to search engine optimisation because Google et al will find and credit those  links to your site as a vote of confidence.

Integrating your website news publications with your FaceBook business page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts has the potential to deliver demonstrable benefits. 

Mobile Web Design

For website designers, the “mobile revolution” has been knocking on the door for ages, and alert clients are beginning to ask if we can do mobile web design as part of a new site, or retrospectively on older sites. 

Whilst Mobile browsers have been around a while, the advent of Galaxy Tabs the iPhone and sundry Android large-screen smart phones have accelerated interest and demand. 

With rapid evolvement of smartphone power, touchscreen technology, small business websites cannot afford to ignore the Mobile smartphone web experience that visitors will associate with their company’s brand.

Mobile Website Design is a “Form Follows Function” Exercise

Mobile users are in the main searching for information, and if they open a small business site, its usually to quickly find contact details. Therefore, it is important that fast access to the contact page details is the mobile design priority.