Clearburn Naturals produce handcrafted natural cosmetics – beauty products and skin care – from natural minerals and ingredients. The site has toners, moisturisers, lotions and balms, blushes, eye shadows, and foundations available. The website began life as a Drupal CMS with a shopping cart module, which is kind of overkill for a very small ecommerce site. Drupal is a monster to manage for a non-technical website owner, and is notoriously server-intensive. The shopping cart used had limitations in terms of even simple requests, such as “free shipping over $100” etc. The owner was overwhelmed by the complexity of Drupal, and neither confident of it’s suitability to the task nor if/how she could manage it.

A quick conversion of the existing design elements and products into the infinitely more flexible WordPress / Woocommerce combination solved ALL the perceived issues AND a number of SEO challenges such as handcrafted Titles & Descriptions on Category pages etc. A change of hosting to a server physically located in NZ (the target market) and with fast infrastructure, SSD drives etc – solved all the perceived performance issues

Being able to finally insert the Product Categories, New Products etc also cheered up the site’s owner no end!

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