This UK probate lawyer’s website was an old HTML site that was severely punished by Google Panda update. Due to too much boilerplate text that repeated across pages, and duplicated Titles and Descriptions, the site lost 70% of its traffic along with the severe drop in rankings.

Rebuilding the website in a modern WordPress content management systems (CMS) allowed us to easily address the raft of issues that included; outmoded tables-based design, no Social Media integration, missing sitemap, robots.txt, privacy policy, custom 404 error handling etc.

Muck of the content was packed into a few pages, so this was split out into appropriately sectioned pages for clarity and accuracy. We then rewrote the Titles and Descriptions on every page, carefully targeting relevant keyword search phrases.

The website rebuild employs the Genesis “Minimum” child theme, along with the usual SEO plugins.

The search engine response to the changes was almost immediate and very positive, with gains in rankings, traffic and enquiries!

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