Title & Meta-tags Management 101

All In One SEO Pack

The All In One SEO PACK for WordPress has been around a while, has evolved through a few revisions, and has proven remarkably bulletproof. I’ve only ever heard one person remark that it caused a problem on a site – no specific details – but I’ve personally never experienced any issues with it directly, nor indirectly via conflicts with other plugins.

From an SEO perspective, the basic requirement is total manual control over off-page title & meta-tags;

  • Title – this is  the single most important SEO element
  • Description – the 2nd most important element
  • Keywords – limited value, but can convey some traction if used properly

Coupled with the “Page Slug” or URL, in conjunction with proper use of the “Permalinks” search-engine friendly URL tool, you’ve go most of the bases covered!

The Home page within a WordPress CMS can be a quirky little thing to deal with, becasue its not directly editable like a page or a post. No problem, because All In One SEO provides specific manual control for that page too!

The All In One SEO pack plugin, in conjunction with manual control over URLs, allows you to carefully manage the 4 most important off-page SEO elements, and a whole lot more.

It does so with a clean, simple interface that even a non-technical person can follow – not always the case with some plugins! I’ve used Headspace2, and its impressive – but for my daily work use on multiple client sites, there are too many options. I’m more of a minimalist – the KISS principle prevails – and Headspace2 is more like a Swiss Army knife… whereas All In One SEO Pack does one thing very well – like a screwdriver… 🙂

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