Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Plans

Basic Website Maintenance Service & Support Package

This website support service package is primarily (but not exclusively) aimed at WordPress websites and includes;

Website Backups

  1. Daily checks for upgrades to WordPress software and plugin updates
  2. Installation of licensed Backup Software, automated, scheduled backups with UpdraftPlus
  3. Daily/Weekly Website DB Backups – receipt and off-site Cloud storage (database only)
  4. Weekly/Monthly Full Website Backup – entire site, plus site establishment documentation, original images etc, Cloud storage on a secure Dropbox account.
  5. Web Site Maintenance – minor amendments such as correcting typographical errors, fixing broken hyperlinks.

WordPress Tech Support

  1. Premium Page Load Speed caching plugin – WP Rocket Cache installed
  2. Site added to Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console – for you, and monitored for issues
  3. Installation of Security software: proactive anti-hacking efforts to prevent compromises (Wordfence + Block Bad Queries or Ninja WAF, depending on threat levels)
  4. Emergency Response for urgent repairs & maintenance, website hacking attacks
  5. WP Technical support and trouble-shooting services: WordPress Tech Support

Not covered:

  • Significant site amendments, enhancements and development
  • Hosting accounts & mail if hosted elsewhere
  • Server maintenance, if not hosted on our VPS
  • SEO maintenance

Annual Website Maintenance Plan Costs:

  • NZ$300 / US$250 per year, paid annually (January)
  • NZ$375 / US$300 with 1 year of Hosting included

NB: My Cpanel hosting is full-service, on a Litespeed-based Cloud-Linux Server with SSD drives…

Basically, I take care of the security, risk management and disaster recovery aspects, leaving you free to work on your core business activities.


Corporate Website Maintenance Services

All of the above, with a higher allocation of time (3 to 4 hours per month) for support services;

  1. Assisting staff with website content issues
  2. Checking for page load speed & over-sized images
  3. Monitoring broken links and 404 errors
  4. Checking page and post Titles & Descriptions accurately reflect content
  5. Ensuring posts are in correct Categories etc

Costs: from US$210 per month


Other Web Master Services Include;

  • Google AdWords – account setup and monthly maintenance
  • Web Site Maintenance: – full-service site management services.
  • Website Ranking Reports, site log analysis, and reporting on remedial action required to address perceived issues.

Such services can be provided for modest monthly or annual costs.

Full time Webmaster services are often beyond the reach of small-medium sized business, It may be difficult to justify full-time employment of someone to manage your site… so you decide to “do it yourself!”

Usually this is a mistake – the combination of other workloads (and skills deficit) generally means the site never achieves its full potential, and is usually out of date…

Our webmaster services solve those problems for you, quickly and cost-effectively…..

Contact me to discuss your Website Maintenance Services needs…